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The first consultation and treatment may last up to 1hour 40mins.
This will involve a full gait analysis for me to assess any inbalance or tension affecting your horses' performance. This may be in hand, on the lunge or sometimes I may ask to see your horse under saddle. I will ask further questions on routine, including turnout, farrier, dentist and work load, all of which provide me with the big picture to work from. 
Additional consultations are generally a little shorter, you should allow between 1 hour and 1hour 15 mins. I will ask for feedback on how your horse has been progressing and may ask to see them in hand or on the lunge before commencing the treatment. 
Many clients decide to book follow up appointments 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. 


I use a variety of diagnostic tests before starting any sports therapy session. These enable me to identify specific areas of tension and plan the treatment time accordingly so your horse benefits fully. 
The treatment is tailormade to your horses individual complaint and I use a range of techniques to ensure your horse remains as relaxed as possible, while still releasing any muscle tension. A tense horse is much more difficult to treat! 
All sessions end with stretches specific to the tight muscle or muscle groups identified.
I may suggest a short amount of time off work for your horse following the session. This will depend on the intensity of the treatment required, but will rarely be more than 2 days.  

Reporting back to you

I will complete your equine therapy report within 48 hours and email it to you. This allows me to retain the original for my records and future reference. The report identifies the areas treated and gives written information on the treatment carried out. There will also be recommendations on post exercise stretches and 'next steps' for your horse to make progress!


Initial treatment: £45 

Further treatments taken within 6 months: £40

No fuel charge within a 15 mile radius of my address 

Please enquire about discounts available for group bookings.

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